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Projects - Waste Management

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Examples of waste management projects undertaken by AdvanSci staff include:

Advice on consignor duties for transport of radioactive materials
Scope:   Advice to importer and exporter of new and end-of-life sealed sources on consignor duties for transport of radioactive materials within and into the UK, including variations in labelling, packaging and emergency arrangements for different modes of transport within the UK and internationally.
National strategic BAT assessments for LLW management
Client:   LLWR Limited
Scope:   Input to three studies to identify generic strategic 'baseline' BAT options for management of the UK's LLW organic, metallic and soil, concrete, rubble and granular waste streams, to support development and delivery of the LLW National Programme
Provision of radioactive waste advice to equine hospital
Client:   Valley Equine Hospital
Scope:   Provision of advice on management of radioactive materials and wastes to a specialist veterinary hospital which undertakes nuclear scintigraphy (bone scans) on horses using Tc-99m isotope
Assessment of LLW storage facility design and operation
Client:   Hong Kong Government
Scope:   Assessment of Low Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility design and performance including audit and recommendations for follow-on operation and maintenance contract
Management of waste I-125 brachytherapy 'seeds'
Client:   BXTAccelyon
Scope:   BAT assessment for management of surplus iodine 125 'seeds' (small sealed sources) manufactured for the treatment of cancer. Support to establish a management service to hospitals and clinics, including advice on transport and permitting requirements for decay storage.
BPEO and BPM assessments for radioactive waste disposals
Client:   Confidential
Scope:   Assessment of whether existing solid, liquid and aerial disposal routes from an operational nuclear facility continue to represent BPEO, and BPM reviews of waste minimisation practices and activity assessment methods, with strategy for improvements
Preliminary Environmental Case for ILW encapsulation plant
Client:   Sellafield Limited
Scope:   Development of BAT assessment methodology and preparation of Preliminary Environmental Case for a proposed new plant to treat and package Miscellaneous Beta-Gamma Wastes from a high-hazard legacy nuclear facility
Authorisation for disposal of LLW at Clifton Marsh landfill
Client:   Sita
Scope:   Strategic, commercial and technical support in connection with Environmental Permit application for the disposal of High Volume VLLW and LLW, including inventory development, review of radiological risk and capacity assessment, and final Article 37 submission
Proposed Keekle Head LLW disposal facility
Client:   Sita
Scope:   Strategic, commercial and technical support for development of a dedicated LLW disposal facility, including feasibility studies, inventory development, and market assessment
Remedial design for former asbestos landfill
Scope:   Assessment of contamination, remedial design, wastes management and site safety aspects for construction of a sewage treatment works on a former dockyard landfill, including a perimeter cut-off and landfill gas control measures
Investigation and design of landfill remediation works
Scope:   Investigation and assessment of contamination at a former domestic landfill. Design and specification of capping and perimeter containment, gas venting and leachate drainage systems for site redevelopment as an office, car park and recreation ground, including construction of a road over the capping system.
Emergency remediation of fly-tipped hazardous waste
Scope:   Design of emergency remediation works to safeguard local residents from fugitive dust and caustic leachate derived from highly contaminated fly-tipped waste at a former industrial waste disposal site
NORM waste management
For examples of further projects related to the management of NORM wastes, please click here

These are just examples to illustrate the range of work performed. For further information on any of these projects, or our other experience, please contact us.

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