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Projects - Strategic

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Examples of strategic projects undertaken by AdvanSci staff include:

Compliance assessment of nuclear site management systems
Client:   RSRL
Scope:   Review of Harwell and Winfrith management systems (manuals, standards, procedures, specifications, rules, working instructions and guidance) and assessment of compliance with nuclear site licence conditions
Support for deployment of new technology into the civil nuclear market
Client:   BAE Systems
Scope:   Scoping study for the potential deployment of an innovative technology into the civil nuclear sector, addressing:
  • potential applications
  • market definition
  • R&D requirements
  • budgets and timescales
Economic evaluation of PFA utilisation and disposal
Scope:   Detailed analysis and economic evaluation of pulverised fuel ash utilisation and disposal options for four coal-fired power stations
Assessment of likely trends in landfill charges
Scope:   Assessment of likely trends in landfill charges over 25 years, and the economics of developing a new landfill to replace an existing facility
Liability assessment for Windscale leased operational facilities
Client:   BNFL and AEAT
Scope:   Assessment of liabilities associated with several facilities at Windscale prior to transfer of leased operations, including:
  • audit and detailed asset inventory of B13 post-irradiation fuel examination facilities
  • regulatory compliance assessment
  • building contamination assessment
  • structural condition survey
  • EHS assessment of non-active R&D facilities including large-scale test laboratory and waste encapsulation trials facility
Environmental liability assessment of Westinghouse nuclear facilities
Scope:   Pre-acquisition assessment of liabilities associated with Westinghouse facilities in the USA, UK, continental Europe and the Ukraine, including the potential for radioactive and chemical contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water
Legacy land contamination assessment
Scope:   Detailed assessment of contaminated land liabilities for an extensive portfolio of sites historically and currently used for the production of bulk and speciality chemicals, fertilisers, explosives and chemical weapons, and the disposal of related wastes. The work was undertaken for an insurance company
Environmental audits
Scope:   Environmental liability and EHS compliance audits of numerous facilities, including:
  • chemical plants
  • adhesives and chemical manufacture
  • heavy engineering
  • light engineering
  • precision/aerospace engineering
  • paper recycling
  • power stations
  • landfills
  • textile mills
  • motor racing circuit
  • cosmetics manufacture
  • laboratories
  • transportation depots
  • rail depots
  • electroplating works
  • LPG storage and bottling facilities
  • redeveloped gasworks

These are just examples to illustrate the range of work performed. For further information on any of these projects, or our other experience, please contact us.

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