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Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material The term Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) is used when human activities such as the extraction, processing or use of fossil fuels and minerals or development activities increase the potential for exposure to the radioactive elements which are naturally present in the Earth’s crust, seas and atmosphere. Trevor Jones of AdvanSci has 14 years’ experience in this field, and was a member of the Scottish Government Project Board tasked with developing the UK NORM Strategy between 2011 and 2013.

Examples of NORM projects undertaken by AdvanSci staff include:

Application of UAE and international radioactive regulatory regimes to a mineral extraction process
Client:   Lepidico
Scope:   Review of the application of regulations governing radioactivity and radiation protection to the proposed establishment and operation of a process plant in the United Arab Emirates to extract lithium from imported mica mineral feedstock
Radioactive regulatory thresholds applicable to rubidium and potassium formate brines
Client:   Chemix Limited
Scope:   Synthetic alkali metal formate brines are used by the oil industry as specialist well drilling and completion fluids. Advice was provided on limits applicable to natural rubidium and potassium content which, if exceeded, would bring formate brines within the scope of radioactive regulatory controls.
Authorisation for disposal of NORM waste at Stoneyhill landfill
Client:   Sita
Scope:   Extensive support in connection with RSA 93 authorisation application including radiological risk and capacity assessment, Environmental Safety Case, Waste Acceptance Criteria and Article 37 submission
Establishment of Joint Venture to treat and dispose of NORM waste
Client:   Nuvia and Sita
Scope:   Development of a joint business venture (NS NORM Limited) to treat and dispose of wastes containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, including construction and operation of a facility to descale equipment from the oil and gas industry, providing a multi £ million revenue stream. Responsible for:
  • identification of business opportunity
  • market assessment
  • outline facility design
  • preparation of Business Plan, including development programme, detailed cost modelling, financial appraisal and risk analysis
  • drafting and review of legal agreements
  • marketing
Authorisations for development and operation of Stoneyhill NORM descaling facility
Client:   Nuvia and Sita
Scope:   Extensive strategic, commercial and technical support for development of a facility to descale NORM-contaminated equipment from the oil and gas industry, including public and stakeholder engagement, planning support, radiological risk assessment, RSA 93 authorisation application, Article 37 submission and technical input to design
Site-specific risk assessments for disposal of NORM waste to landfill
Client:   Tradebe
Scope:   Radiological risk assessments for the disposal of Type 2 exempt NORM waste from the Fawley High Temperature Incinerator to three specified landfills, in accordance with radioactive substances exemption provisions
Waste inventory for decommissioning gas production platform
Client:   Mobil
Scope:   Compilation of waste inventory for decommissioning of a North Sea gas production platform, and Duty of Care audits of onshore breaking yard and wastes chain

These are just examples to illustrate the range of work performed. For further information on any of these projects, or our other experience, please contact us.

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